Updated 16 October 2022

The graphs below have averages based on my data from the past 10 years.


2022 rainfall has started out near average thanks to an above average February but this was followed by only 47% in March and 22% in April. Below average rainfall continues with 38% of expected rainfall in May. July has bought rainfall up to average for the year but about half the expected totals for August and September sees the curve swinging down toward 2019.
yearly rainfall HoonHay 2018 2022 Temperature

A cooler February with January, March, April and May above average.
Average temperature HoonHay 2018 2021

Wind Run

The first 3 months of 2022 recording below average wind run, April was close to average with 95%. May was the lowest wind run of any month in my 20 years of records.Monthly windrun HoonHay 2018 2021