Temperature Sensor Details


Left: Here is the 2 metre mast with the wind speed, direction and the roof temperature sensors on it as at March 2009. I have enclosed the terminal blocks in a grey weather proof box with gland seals on it to make the connections more reliable.

Right: The cable termination box with the roof temperature screen. The DS18B20 sensor is dipped in empxy resin and white paint and sits under the screen made of the white plates.


house_tempscreen Left: The original temperature screen on the south side of the house.


Humidity Sensor in gauze enclosure.
The temperature and humidity sensors are mounted in the gauze enclosure (actually a device for holding tea leaves for making tea in a cup). The temperature sensor has been dipped in epoxy glue and white paint. The other sensor is for a indoor/outdoor thermometer that I've had for many  years that is on the kitchen wall.

The screen is held in place by a shelf bracket from the top.